Succulent DIYs and projects are easy to make without killing the plants. Living succulent crafts last for months or more. Replant and grow the succulents to enjoy in your garden or another DIY. Each of these crafts has detailed, step-by-step instructions with photos.

DIY Succulent kokedama balls
DIY Succulent Kokedama Balls
Drill Your own drainage in ceramic and concrete planters
How to Drill Drainage in Ceramic
DIY succulent street address planter
DIY Succulent Address Planter
DIY Succulent wine cork planters
DIY Succulent Wine Cork Planters
DIY Succulent Christmas ornaments
DIY Hanging Succulent Ornaments
DIY Wood slice ornaments with succulents
DIY Wood Slice Ornaments
DIY Geode slice succulent favors and ornaments
DIY Geode Succulent Favors
diy succulent geode planters
DIY Succulent Geode Planters
DIY Succulent Bouquets
DIY Succulent Bouquets
DIY Succulent Branch Planters
DIY succulent wine glasses - 2 versions
DIY Succulent Wine Glasses
DIY advent calendar tree
DIY Advent Calendar Tree
DIY succulent eggshell planters
DIY Succulent Eggshell Planters
DIY succulent mossy pots
DIY Succulent Mossy Pots
diy succulent topiary heart
DIY Succulent Topiary Heart
DIY succulent Christmas ball ornaments
DIY Succulent Christmas Balls
diy succulent pumpkins
DIY Succulent Pumpkins
DIY succulent pallet planter
DIY Succulent Pallet Planter
DIY shamrock planter
DIY Wire Planter Succulents
DIY Chalkboard Hearts on reclaimed wood planters
DIY Chalkboard Heart on Wood
DIY Succulent Bird's nest
DIY Succulent Bird's Nests
diy burlap wreath with succulents
DIY Burlap Wreath w/ Succulents
diy succulent star planter
DIY Succulent Star Planter
DIY Menorah succulent branch
DIY Menorah Succulent Branch
DIY succulent sand art planters
DIY Succulent Sand Art Planters
DIY Succulents on a Stick
DIY Succulents on a Stick
DIY succulent Easter egg planters
DIY Succulent Easter Eggs

Succulents store water in their stems and leaves to support the plant in times of drought. This characteristic makes succulents ideally suited to be used in a wide range of crafts and projects for home and garden decor. Explore these simple succulent DIYs with clear instructions.

Because life is just better with succulents!

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