7 Simple Steps to Succulent Success!

Steps to Grow Succulents

Succulents are the hottest thing going. And according to all the beautiful people on Instagram, not only are they gorgeous — but they’re so easy to grow! So why aren’t your succulents looking fat and happy and full of color? Instead they’re limp, soggy and looking really sad…

It’s not your fault!

Succulents are unusual plants with intriguing adaptations to harsh climates. These adaptations can make them tricky to please until you understand what they need and why. You just need to know the steps to grow succulents. You need

7 Simple Steps to Succulent Success!

In this free course, you will learn the 7 simple, essential steps to successfully growing your succulents. You will learn:

  • Succulent soil – The best succulent soil is suited to your plants and climate
  • How to water succulents – Learn the signs succulents need more water
  • Lighting – How much light succulents need and how to tell when they need a change
  • Select succulents to suite your site and growing conditions
  • Insect treatment and prevention
  • Propagating succulents through division, stem cuttings and individual leaves
  • Succulent stress – How and why stress makes succulents more colorful – and why its good for them!

When you understand what your succulents need to thrive and why — you’ll discover these charmers truly are easy to grow. You just need the simple steps to growing succulents.

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Are you ready for a succulent journey? Let’s get started!

Lots of information to follow!

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