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Succulent Sand Art – Skeletal Hand Chalice and Spooky Succulents

Halloween 2017 is nearly upon us – are you ready? Growing up, we never did much for Halloween; Mom didn’t like the occasion. Now, as a grown-up, I sometimes feel like I really missed out. Time to make up for lost time! 🙂 I found this uber cool 3-D Skeleton Hand Goblet, and simply had to make it a part of my Halloween festivities!

Succulent Sand Art

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succulent sand art in skeletal hand chalice and glass bowl

Succulent sand art has been growing in popularity, and I have been eager to try my hand at it, especially once I had this creepy-cool skeletal hand to use! This is so super simple, with a dramatic result to enjoy.

{Please note, some links in this post may be affiliate links to sites that pay me a small commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. This commission is at absolutely no cost to you. I only recommend products and companies that I have worked with and truly love! ~Kat}

Succulent Sand Art with Skeleton Goblet

For this Succulent DIY, you will need:

Glass or transparent plastic goblet or bowl (for skeleton hand flute glass like mine, shop on Amazon!)

Watertight container that fits inside the display goblet or bowl

Colored sand, 2-4 coordinating colors

Succulent plant or cutting

Succulent soil (often labeled Palm or Cactus Mix)

everything you need to create succulent sand art

For the glory of the colored sand to really shine, select clear glass or plastic containers. Then select a watertight container that fits inside the one you have selected for display. You will plant your succulent into the smaller container. Since the layers of colored sand will completely obscure the inner container, you can use whatever you find that will work, so long as it fits. A glass votive fits well inside the glass globe. For the skeletal hand chalice, I searched my home for something that would work. Turns out, a medicine bottle fits perfectly! I cut it down to the size I wanted using a hacksaw, then using rough sandpaper, I sanded the edges smooth.

prepping your container for sand art

Now it is time to plant your inner container with the succulent or the cutting you have selected. Be sure to use a fast draining succulent soil. Fill the container with the soil, and add your succulent plant, taking care to tuck all of the roots into the soil. Water well. For delicate arrangements like these, I use a syringe for watering the succulents in small containers that are tricky to reach.

Creating Succulent Sand Art

Now it is time for the sand art!

Think about the colors of sand you have selected, and how you want to arrange them. I really like the colors I had, the vanilla, dark charcoal and soft mint. They work together beautifully! But with the color of the succulents I chose, I did not like the look of the vanilla or the mint green right next to my plants. The dark charcoal really sets off the pale, silvery green color of the plants. So I knew I wanted to use the charcoal color at the top, but I also wanted to start with this color at the base, to give a visual anchor to the clear glass vessels. Measure by eye how far the sand must fill before you add the potted succulent. Then start with your first color.

There is no right or wrong way to arrange your colorful layers of sand. Aim for an irregular layer, to create more interest, and consider the color combinations of the different layers. Once you begin pouring the sand, you are committed. It is really difficult to separate the colors again, so be sure you are ready. Pour slowly, tipping the container as needed to provide for diagonal layers. When you have added sufficient sand as a base, add in the succulent container.  For mine, I wanted the plant to extend just above the rim of the glass, but you could certainly have it sit lower, so the plant is fully inside the glass – it’s your call.  With the succulent container inside, it was easier to use a turkey baster to guide the flow of sand around the little pot. Just remove the squeeze bulb at the end, and turn the turkey baster into a long, slim funnel!

succulent sand art and black succulent pumpkin

There you have it! Layers of colorful sand can be used to quickly add color and personality to any clear glass container you find. And there is just something about the sand art that makes it a natural for succulents! Succulent sand art! What do you think? Will your succulents be treated to one-of-a-kind sand art containers? Or will you find another way to add succulents to your spooky Halloween décor? Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know!

Kat McCarthy, The Succulent Eclectic

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DIY Succulent sand art
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