Welcome to the Essentials of Succulent Design! Each post is dedicated to a single design principle like creating a focal point, repetition, scale and contrast, using design elements like color, shape and texture. In addition to breaking down these essentials of succulent design, each post includes a variety of succulents that all thrive together in the same container, with the same needs for water, sunlight and care! Succulent design made simple!

essentials of succulent design card
Design Principle: Repetition
indoor succulent design using contrast
Design Principle: Contrast
Hardy Succulents Design creating a focal point
Design Principle: Focal Point
Succulent design using color
Design Using Color Theory

If you have ever gazed in wonder and envy at the extraordinary succulent designs some people make, yet despair of ever doing the same yourself, you are in the right place! I, too, love the amazing living sculptures some succulent designers create, and I have been studying their methods. While some are undeniably talented, I promise you, most of what they do can be learned!

Together, we will explore the principles and elements of succulent design. We’ll learn how the design experts combine plants so they look spectacular. We’ll learn to combine colors, shapes and textures so they always complement one another, rather than compete. And each post will include photos and links to many other succulents that will thrive in the same conditions as those I choose to create the demonstration arrangement. 

Why? Because, we are taking succulent design one step further than I see others do. Maybe you’ve seen some amazing designs that combine succulents that cannot be happy in the same conditions? Frustrating, isn’t it? We are only going to design with succulents that truly thrive together! We won’t just choose cool looking varieties just because they look great. Our succulent designs will also grow well together and thrive!

Because life is just better with succulents!

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