While all cactus are succulents, not all succulents are cactus. And cactus plants have specific care requirements and special handling so they will thrive and you’ll be safe! Read more about cactus care so you can enjoy these intriguing, edgy  cacti!

Planting Cactus so they'll thrive
Planting Cactus So They'll Thrive
how to handle cactus safely
How to Handle Cactus Safely
what's the difference between cactus and succulents
Cactus vs Succulents
How to Plant cactus and succulents together
Planting Cactus with Succulents
controversial moon cactus
Controversial Moon Cactus
crested succulents and monstrose cactus
Crested & Monstrose Cactus

Cactus care in terms of watering, lighting and feeding is similar to succulent care. 

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