Propagating succulents takes advantage of the plants’ natural, evolutionary mechanisms to form new plants. It is an economical way to build your succulent collection. Learn to propagate succulents from leaves, stem cutting and by division.

propagating succulents from leaves
Propagating Succulents from Leaves
Propagating succulents through stem cuttings
Propagating Succulent Cuttings
dividing succulents for propagation
How to Divide Succulents
sowing and growing succulent seeds
Growing from Succulent Seeds
easiest succulents to propagate
Easiest Succulents to Propagate
how to grow succulent cuttings
Growing Succulent Cuttings

Propagating succulents is simple with the right instructions. Get step-by-step instructions with pictures to clearly illustrate each process. Learn to propagate succulents from individual leaves, to take stem cuttings and to divide succulent plants to make more. 

Each of these methods of propagating succulents will result is new plants with great vigor and health. When you grow new succulents from seeds, there will be some genetic diversity among the offspring plants. But when you propagate succulents by stem cuttings, by division or by leaf propagation, the resulting plants will be genetic copies of the parent plant.

Because life is just better with succulents!

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