Succulents come in a range of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Different succulent types evolved in very different environments around the world, and therefor require different care. Learn about a wide range of succulent types with pictures of many varieties and specific care information for each.

all about growing aeonium
How to Grow Aeonium
all about growing crassula
How to Grow Crassula
all about growing euphorbia
How to Grow Euphorbia
all about growing haworthia
How to Grow Haworthia
all about growing lithops - living stones
How to Grow Lithops
all about growing portulacaria - elephant food
How to Grow Portulacaria
all about growing sempervivum hens and chicks
How to Grow Sempervivum
all about growing agave
How to Grow Agave
all about growing delosperma ice plant
How to Grow Delosperma
all about growing fenestraria baby toes
How to Grow Fenestraria
all about growing jovibarba
How to Grow Jovibarba
all about growing Orostachys
How to Grow Orostachys
all about growing sansevieria mother in law plant
How to Grow Sansevieria
all about growing senecio
How to Grow Senecio
all about growing aloe
How to Grow Aloe
all about growing echeveria - mexican hens and chicks
How to Grow Echeveria
all about growing graptoveria and hybrids
How to Grow Graptopetalum
all about growing kalanchoe
How to Grow Kalanchoe
All About peperomia
How to Grow Peperomia
all about growing sedum - stonecrop
How to Grow Sedum
identifying succulents types
Identifying Succulents

Learn about different succulent types, where they are native to, their common names and their characteristics. Review different varieties and species, with specific care information for each.

Because life is just better with succulents!

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