Learn how to grow succulents indoors or out, anywhere in the world. Succulent care doesn’t have to be hard. But you do need to understand what your succulents need and why. Armed with this knowledge, you will enjoy healthy, thriving succulents of your own!

learn how to water succulents
How to Water Succulents
control whiteflies on succulents
Control & Prevent Whiteflies on Succulents
Aerial Roots on Succulents What They Mean
earn about the best soil for succulents
What's the Best Soil for Succulents?
How to Save Over-Watered Succulents
understanding succulent dormancy
Understanding Succulent Dormancy
why succulents stretch - and how to fix them
Why Succulents Stretch & How to Fix Them!
learn about fertilizing succulents
All About Fertilizing Succulents
what's the white stuff on succulents leaves? epicuticular wax
White Stuff on Succulent Leaves
how and why succulents change color
How and Why Succulents Change Color
how to stress succulents to make them more colorful
How to Stress Succulents
how to prevent sunburned succulents
Prevent Sunburned Succulents
understanding succulents signs of distress
Understanding Signs of Succulent Distress
succulent care through touch
Succulent Care Through Touch
succulent care beyond watering
Succulent Care Beyond Watering
Succulent Care secret Why Favorites die and others thrive
Succulent Care Secret - Why Favorites Die
Summer Care for Succulents
succulent edema marked on crassula ovata leaves
Succulent Edema

Because life is just better with succulents!

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You will learn:

  • Succulent soil – The best succulent soil is suited to your plants and climate
  • How to water succulents – Learn the signs succulents need more water
  • Lighting – How much light succulents need and how to tell when they need a change
  • Select succulents to suit your site and growing conditions
  • Insect treatment and prevention
  • Propagating succulents through division, stem cuttings and individual leaves
  • Succulent stress – How and why stress makes succulents more colorful – and why its good for them!
Learning how to grow succulents has never been so easy!

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