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Where to Buy Succulents for Best Quality

Where to buy succulents? I get this question a lot. We succulent lovers are always on the hunt for the best answer to this question. I have purchased many, many (manymanymanymanymany) succulents over the years from a variety of sources. Most were good experiences. Some were truly fantastic, and a few were… not. A wide selection is a big deal to me – I always want options! But more important than options is the quality of the plants you get.  Without great quality, does anything else matter?  

I want to share with you my best places to buy succulents online and off, where I go to find rare succulents for sale, where to buy succulents in bulk and even a few good options for getting new succulents for free! Some of the answers may surprise you. Let’s find out!

Where to Buy Succulents?

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Where to Buy Succulents Online

Mountain Crest Gardens

where to buy succulents online? Mountain Crest Gardens offers a huge selection

Mountain Crest Gardens always tops the list of my “Where to buy succulents” answers. MCG is a family owned and operated company with an enormous selection of named succulents. They have the best collection of cold-hardy succulents you will find anywhere, and a great variety of soft succulents, and a few cacti, too. They deliver awesome quality succulents throughout the U.S. I particularly appreciate the ability to shop by my intended use. For instance, you can shop for ground cover succulents, or indoor succulents, hanging and trailing succulents or further sort by color, height or hardiness zone.

They also offer a wide selection of succulents in bulk with wholesale and discounted pricing available to all. They are offering named varieties as well as mixed succulent cuttings, too. This is a wonderful way to get the cuttings you need for a DIY when you don’t have enough of your own. Check out my unboxing of their echeveria cuttings here! The staff is very knowledgeable, and they package their plants with exquisite care.

Shop Mountain Crest Gardens

 Leaf and Clay

Leaf & Clay - rare succulents and cactus

Another of my favorite places to buy succulents online is Leaf & Clay. They offer some classics, but they truly excel with their rare succulents for sale and their selection of cool, and unusual cactus varieties.  This is one of the best reasons to shop for succulents online — you get a far larger selection than you can at a local nursery. The reason for this is their reach. Leaf & Clay ships throughout the United States. So an oddball plant that doesn’t appeal to everyone still has a good chance of selling well to those who appreciate it. Compare this with a box store that offers just those varieties they can sell out of to people within a 5-mile radius. This is why you will find Echeveria  Perle von Nurnberg at both, but the uber cool Opuntia cylindrica cristata ‘Emerald Idol’ only at Leaf & Clay.

Again, I find the quality of succulent plants that Leaf & Clay delivers is exceptional. And they have some fun features to offer like their Plant Mail Club. Every month, they send out a set of three 2.5″ succulents for your collection.

Shop Leaf & Clay

The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source is an excellent place to buy succulent wedding bouquets and favors

The Succulent Source is a family business, owned and run by Darren and Lora and their five young sons. It is quite marvelous to shop and find different products fully grown, cared for, selected, packaged and shipped by one of the boys. Jude is in charge of agave and aloes, and the money he earns from them is his.  There are other items specially handled by the next generation of succulent lovers. Most of their succulents are in 2″ or 2.5″ pots, but there are 4″, some are 6″ and there are a few offered in gallon sized containers. They also offer a variety of succulent cuttings, and you can buy just one! This is the only place I have found where you can get great pricing on individual cuttings or mixed succulents. They even offer succulent leaves, a terrific way to start propagating your own succulents!

The Succulent Source really specializes in succulent weddings. You will find gorgeous succulent bouquets, wedding favors, centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsage cuffs available to order, as well as the plants and cuttings needed to make your own! They also have a very nice selection of planted succulent gifts and arrangements. I know I sound like a broken record, but the key that makes all of this work is the excellent quality they deliver.

Shop The Succulent Source

Where to Buy Succulents Locally

Local Nurseries
succulents growing in a greenhouse

Local nurseries and farmers markets carry an assortment of succulents. While the selection is a bit limited, the plants are so easy to grow, they are usually in quite good condition. The staff is usually knowledgeable about gardening in general, and some may know about succulents. Before asking for advice, ask if the person is experienced with succulents. Often, general gardening advice can be a killer for succulents.

Local nurseries that are devoted to succulents are often for wholesale only and require a current resale license. But it is certainly worth asking!

Where to Buy Succulents – Box Stores?
big box store

Succulents are so popular, you can find them at your local box store or even the grocery store. Seriously, Home Depot, Lowes, Target – even Walmart has good succulent plants for sale. Do not be surprised to find plants labeled just as “succulent variety” or “hens and chicks”, without regard to sun or shade or cold hardiness. And don’t expect the staff to have any knowledge on succulents – or even gardening. The few that do are a treasure!

The upsides of buying your plants locally are obvious – you can see and feel the plants yourself, and select the one you like best. And you get it NOW! 🙂 You can always do your research to learn about the succulent and its specific care requirements.  Please remember to put it into some shelter from the summer afternoon sun when you get it home. Even full sun succulents need protection at first, with a gradual introduction to direct sun exposure.

When buying succulents in person, choose with care. Obviously, you want to select for excellent health. This is more important than the perfect form or color. With rot or other problems, the form and color will not last. Don’t be afraid to handle the plants as you are choosing. Take care not to wipe away farina from the succulents that have it. Otherwise – look away! Check for signs the plant has been over-or under-watered. And look for pots with more than one succulent growing in them. They can be a bargain! I always tip the plant I am most interested in out of its pot to check the roots. This is not as important with succulents as with most plants. A small root structure does not stop me from buying a beautiful succulent. But those roots must be healthy, firm and flexible, with no bad odor to indicate rot.

Cactus and Succulent Society and Garden Clubs
succulent swap can be a great source for new plants

Check into local succulent societies and gardening clubs. They offer a host of educational workshops and activities. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow succulent addicts and share inside information on the best local places to score great plants. And they just may offer a succulent swap! This is a chance to trade some healthy divisions or cuttings from your own collection for new plants and cuttings from others. Beginners who lack cuttings of their own can bring pots or succulent soil or teacups, etc to trade. Try Googling “succulent swap near me” to find a local swap. Or try hosting one of your own, and advertise it on NextDoor or Facebook!

And you don’t need a formal plant swap to share and receive great succulents for free. Talk to your neighbors — whether you know them or not. Be generous with your compliments when you see a beautiful plant or arrangement. Ask for the names of the succulents you admire, and work up a conversation. When it is time to prune or divide succulents, we often wind up with more of a few varieties than we want (really?) and would love to gift somewhere they would be appreciated, or to trade! If you want to trade, but don’t have succulents to spare, look for a cracked teacup, or ladle, or boot or some other cool and clever item that could make an awesome succulent container.

succulents in nursery pots

These are my go-to choices for where to buy succulents. I would love to hear from you about your favorites! Please take a moment to leave a comment. Is there a shop I should try? Have you ever been to a succulent swap, or maybe even hosted one? I am thinking about hosting one, and I would love to ask some questions! And, the next time you see someone tipping a plant out of its pot to check out the roots – please stop and say “hi!” 🙂

Happy succulent shopping!

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where to buy succulents - my 3 favorite places
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