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succulents in a wide range of colors and forms - how to care for succulents

I dearly love all things related to growing succulents! It is my passion, and I want to help others to explore and enjoy the wide world of succulents. I have worked with many companies and individuals, learning, trying their plants and their products and working on my own for the sheer joy of “playing with succulents”! I am happy to share my experiences with these companies, plants and products with you. When I do so, I may be linking to a company that pays me an affiliate commission. This is a small payment for each time you click on a link and then follow through by making a purchase. This commission in no way adds even a penny to your cost, but it does enable me to continue The Succulent Eclectic!

I only link to succulent companies I have worked with and know from experience to provide exceptional quality. In DIYs where I link to a product on Amazon, this is simply to help you to locate a product I have used. I may receive an affiliate commission on these items if you were to make a purchase.

You don’t pay a single penny extra, but I am able to give you the most direct information, and you can help to support The Succulent Eclectic. How cool is that?  🙂

Kat McCarthy, The Succulent Eclectic
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