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10 Great Gifts for Succulent Lovers – Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are fast approaching, festive decorations and beautiful lights abound. Christmas is a magical time, a celebration of joy and of giving. And I really do love gifts! When I was little, my Mom told me the key to giving a great gift was to give something that I would truly want and enjoy. That is how I know for certain that she was thrilled with the pink, paper mache elephant I made and gave to her. Sure, it was a bit trunk-heavy and tended to rest on its ears and trunk, rather than its feet, but the three red flowers I painted on its back made it extra special. 🙂

Sometimes you have a clear insight into the heart of the person you are giving to, and you know just what they want. Sometimes, you just know when it is time for a pink elephant. This is for all the other times – when inspiration is in short supply. I am going to help you to find a great gift for succulent lovers on your list!

Great Gardening Gifts for Succulent Lovers

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Learn All About Succulents

terrific gift for succulent lovers, book Succulents Simplified

As the song says, let’s start at the very beginning. For learning all about succulents, this book is a very good place to start! Debra Lee Baldwin is an award-winning garden photojournalist who is widely regarded as the “Queen of Succulents”. Her best-selling book, Succulents Simplified: Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties, reads like a long-form Valentine to both succulent lovers and the drought-tolerant plants we cherish.

Succulents Simplified is a perfect gift for the novice succulent gardener, with 272 pages chock full of information about succulents, how to incorporate them into your garden, creative succulent DIYs and craft projects and so many exquisite photos illustrating every point. Debra details her top 100 plant picks with detailed information for their care. The reader will learn how to care for succulents in any climate, and which will thrive indoors, all the while marveling at the astonishing variety of colors, shapes and textures they display. So valuable – there is a reason this book tops my list of succulent gardening gifts! Available in paperback form for $18.63 and able to ship worldwide and as an e-book for $9.99. To order, just click here.

Get Beautiful Quality Succulents

gift certificate is a great succulent gardening gift

Now it is time to get some succulent plants! Mountain Crest Gardens offers an astonishing array of succulents, and their quality is exceptional. This family-owned company provides over 650 different varieties, and their site is organized to help you to find and discover varieties to suit your needs. With an extensive selection of cold hardy as well as tender varieties, Mountain Crest Gardens also offers many tillandsia air plants.

Shop by color of the foliage or bloom, by size, lighting conditions, growth habit and more. If you know the exact succulent varieties to give, consider adding a heat pack to keep it safe through shipping at this time of year. The succulent lover on your list will be so excited to receive a Gift Certificate to select the succulents of their choice! To order a gift certificate in any denomination you choose, click here.

2018 Succulent Calendar

succulent calendar 2018 is a great gift for succulent lovers

This stylish 2018 succulent calendar is produced by Cassidy Tuttle of Succulents and Sunshine. The calendar measures 9.5″ wide by 17.25″ tall and is filled with gorgeous shots of succulents like those shown above, from the cover and the month of December. Each month stars a stunning image, tempting you to peek ahead. It was thoughtfully designed for you cut the images from the calendar, to fit an 8×10″ frame. A beautiful way to fill your home with the look and love of succulents! To order your succulent calendar, click here. The calendar is $27, and ships worldwide.

Reclaimed Wood Succulent Planters

whimsical reclaimed wood succulent planter is a great succulent gardening gift

When you want a container or planter for your succulent, let your creativity be your guide. Ceramic, metal, plastic, concrete – all make excellent containers for these charming plants. But there is just something special about succulents and reclaimed wood that really sings. This whimsical planter is just one of many jewels offered by The Succulent Dish. Each is handmade, many with colorful metal insets like this seahorse, and the frog in the one at the top of this post. The attention to detail is wonderful, and mermaids, elephants, fish and whales are just some of the embellishments you will find to partner with your succulents. This is a fabulous gift for succulent lovers on your list! To shop The Succulent Dish, just click here.

Succulent Tools

great garden tool as a gift for succulent lovers

When you are working with succulents, there are many occasions when you need to make a precise, clean cut, sometimes in tight quarters. These Titanium Coated Professional Straight Tip Trimming Scissors are my go-to succulent clippers. The handle is lightweight but sturdy, with a comfortable, nonslip grip. The blades are very sharp, and they do a great job. When I am transplanting, taking cuttings or just grooming my succulents to look there best, this is a must-have tool. Click here to purchase these perfect succulent clippers.

succulent tools are a great succulent gardening gift

I use this set of succulent tools all the time. The scoop is perfect for getting soil and top dressing into tight corners. The two sets of tweezers are great for holding small plants just right when doing complex plantings. The paintbrush is perfect for brushing away soil from the plants’ leaves. And the water bottle is perfect for watering the plants just right, especially in tight spots. To order this 7pc set of Succulent Transplanting Tools, just click here.

Succulent Notebook

cute notebook is a great gift for succulent lovers

As a succulent lover myself, I find I am always learning more about these amazing plants. Whether from formal education from reading, seminars or video courses, or practical observations as I tend my plants, I like to keep track of my musings in this whimsical, heart-shaped notebook. A cheerful watercolor mix of succulents including echeveria and cactus, cover this notebook front and back. Shades of blue, green and teal are accented by petite, pink blooms. Would a boring, grey covered notebook from the dollar store work just as well? You bet! But this notebook will make you smile… To order this heart-shaped Succulent Notebook, just click here.

Succulent Tote Bag

tote bag as a great succulent gardening gift

As essential as the right tools are, you will need a tote bag to keep them organized and handy for you. This beautiful succulent tote features a rich, colorful display of succulents on all sides. Handmade of heavy duty vinyl for durability, it is reinforced at every seam with heavy duty thread. A perfect gift for succulent lovers! Strong enough to carry books, this tote will hold your Succulents Simplified book, your succulent tools, a water bottle and the heart-shaped succulent notebook in fabulous, colorful style! $32. Click here to order the Succulent Tote from WhereMyBag.

Succulents Course Online

video course on arranging succulents as a terrific succulent gardening gift

Debra Lee Baldwin is the garden photojournalist who wrote Succulents Simplified, the book at the beginning of this gift guide. She has also produced a fabulous video course demonstrating a number of gorgeous succulent arrangements every step of the way. In this well-named course, “Stunning Succulent Arrangements”, Debra shares her love and appreciation for succulents in an intimate setting. I feel like she is speaking directly to me as she shows each step of her arrangements and how to achieve them. If you want to get creative with your succulents, this course will inspire and inform, and best of all – empower your journey! Debra also answers questions as you go through the course at your own speed. To sign up for this class on Craftsy, just click here.

Succulent Mug & Pendant

cute mug and pendant are great gifts for succulent lovers

Make it a succulent morning with this fanciful succulent mug. And start your day in style with this silver plated succulent pendant! Can you tell how much I love this watercolor succulent pattern? 🙂 Sipping coffee in the morning, warming my hands with this lovely ceramic mug, sliding my echeveria pendant back and forth on its chain as I dream of my next succulent plan. It is a wonderful way to start any day!  For a variety of products sharing this succulent loving theme, please click here.

So – there you have it. My recommendations for 10 terrific gifts for succulent lovers on your list. I would love to know what you think! Please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know if these are gifts you would enjoy giving – or getting! Sharing your love for succulents is a wonderful gift in and of itself!

Wishing you the very best this beautiful season has to offer!

Kat McCarthy, The Succulent Eclectic

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Top 10 gifts for succulent lovers
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