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Unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens Succulents

Mountain Crest Gardens has just launched a new line of succulent cuttings. I am so jazzed to have received a couple of their echeveria rosette sets. Succulent cuttings are so useful for a wide variety of projects, like this topiary succulent heart I made for Mother’s Day. Purchasing cuttings is also a cost-effective way to grow your collection because they are so easy to root and get growing into plants! I am a repeat customer of Mountain Crest Gardens, so I expected exceptional quality. But I was completely surprised. I want to show you exactly how these echeveria cuttings arrived, and why Mountain Crest Gardens is my favorite place to buy succulents online!

Unboxing Succulent Cuttings from Mountain Crest Gardens

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Eco-Friendly Packaging
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens - eco-friendly packaging

I am always so grateful for their eco-friendly packaging. These packing peanuts provide excellent protection for plants in transit. Then just scatter them on the lawn, and they dissolve with the next watering – without harming the grass. Cool! The colorful care instructions were right on top.

Gift Box Packaging for Succulent Cuttings
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens - gift ready packaging

I was so surprised to see another box inside the shipping carton. The echeveria cuttings are packaged with such care that they are gift-ready!

Colorful, Easy-Care Instructions
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens - colorful care instructions

The care instructions are colorful and easy to follow. And I love it that Carmen, the person who packed my order, signed it. I appreciate the level of care this implies.

Gift Ready Unboxing Experience
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens - gift ready packing with labels for echeveria cuttings

I love succulents, so of course, I was excited to open the box. But I was amazed at the pretty presentation! The white gift box, the whimsical gold polka-dotted tissue paper complete with attractive sticker seal, and the crinkled brown paper that provided cushioning and protection – all were a complete surprise. As was the labeling of each cutting with its exact name. I never expected to have each cutting identified. Nor for the set to be treated like a precious gift!

2.5″ Echeveria Cuttings
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens echeveria cuttings

This is precisely how the echeveria cuttings from Mountain Crest Gardens looked when I opened the box. Extraordinary!

I have worked for 13 years in the garden industry, with a mail-order flower bulb company. I am intimately familiar with the challenges of shipping live plants, and the balancing act between protecting the plants in transit and providing an attractive unboxing experience for the customer. It is not easy, and we always chose to protect the plants at the expense of the presentation. Mountain Crest Gardens completely disregarded these trade-offs to deliver a fantastic out-of-the-box experience with lush plants perfectly protected in shipping. I was blown away. Fabulous presentation with fantastic quality! Wouldn’t this be a spectacular gift to give or to get?

Echeveria Blue Atoll
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens echeveria blue atoll

Echeveria are the most popular of the rosette succulents, for their flower-like form. Mountain Crest Gardens lists this set of 9 echeveria cuttings as 2.5″. Most, like this lovely echeveria Blue Atoll, are even larger!

Echeveria Melaco
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens echeveria melaco

The deepest, darkest burgundy echeveria rosette Melaco appears almost black! What a beauty.

*Be sure to use your succulent cuttings promptly. They are living, growing plants, and they will stretch and become etiolated if they are left in their box for too long. So get started on your craft project, or get them rooting soon after they arrive.

Echeveria Moonglow
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens echeveria moonglow

The echeveria Moonglow arrived with a flower stem attached! Just look at all of the luscious colors among these echeveria cuttings!

Echeveria Azulita
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens echeveria azulita

Each echeveria rosette is perfectly clean, with a short stem. These succulent cuttings are ready to be added to a craft project or rooted.

4″ Echeveria Cuttings
unboxing Mountain Crest Gardens echeveria cuttings

This set of 4″ echeveria rosettes was just as lush and healthy as the 2.5″ set. Each is labeled with their name. Did you notice there was not a speck of dirt in these photos? I was impressed with how completely clean the package was. I kept thinking of all the situations where you might send these cuttings. As a gift, or maybe to a relative to work on for a wedding or party. The recipient would be able to open and work with them completely mess-free. Unreal!

Mountain Crest Gardens also offers a set of 15 cuttings of assorted varieties in addition to the echeveria. I hope they continue to offer succulent cuttings alongside their extensive selection of rooted, potted plants. Thank you for these beautiful echeveria cuttings, Mountain Crest Gardens! It is such a joy to do business with a company who loves their succulents as much as I do.succulent

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unboxing echeveria cuttings from Mountain Crest Gardens
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