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21 Succulent Gift Ideas | 2018 Gift Guide

Whether you are shopping for an experienced succulent lover or someone who has just been bitten by the succulent bug, you want to help them celebrate that love, right? For Christmas, birthdays or just because, I have compiled a list of 21 awesome succulent gift ideas that I guarantee will win you rave reviews. Much of this comes from my own personal wish-list or items I already have and really love! My top gifts for succulent lovers include fun and fabulous planters in a variety of styles, ways to boost their succulent care, fashion and home accessories, informative and inspirational books, and yes — more succulent plants!

Gifts for Succulent Lovers!

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Succulent Planters for Gifts
trio of concrete planters makes a great succulent gift

These handsome, concrete succulent planters are chic, urban and sophisticated. There are no drainage holes, though I have not found that to be a problem with mine. The set of 3 planters at 4″, 5″ and 6″ tall. These planters look great indoors or out. They have a protective layer of cork to protect the surface of your tables or shelves. These are perfect planted with succulents or cactus. Give them, or plant them first, this is a terrific succulent git.

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attractive planter looks like petrified wood

For a completely different look, I am semi-obsessed with this ceramic planter made to look like petrified wood. The detailing and organic quality to the look is just fabulous with succulents. This planter has a drainage hole, too. Wouldn’t this be striking with a nice echeveria and a bit of string of pearls trailing? This is a great succulent gift for those who cherish that natural look.

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succulent planter in the shape of your initials is a great gift

Such a fun gift for succulent lovers on your list! Give them this initial planter they can fill with their own succulents! While I am all about the K, you will find every letter of the alphabet available to order here. You or your gift recipient will need to provide the succulents, which is great when you have an established garden you can take many cuttings from. For a kit that comes complete with the initial planter, moss and the mixed succulents to fill the planter, just click here.

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3 step shelf with 3 white ceramic succulent bowls

For a sleek, contemporary look for your succulents, this bamboo tray and white ceramic pots is a fun combo. The three glossy bowls have their own drainage holes and measure 3.2″ x 1.5″. The wooden frame measures 5″ x 7″ x 8″. A cheery gift for succulent lovers, this set is perfect for the kitchen, or an end table, or in an office, to bring a cheery bit of life to any room.

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Succulent Kits Complete with Plants
living picture succulent wall planter makes a great gift for succulent lovers

Succulent wall planters are all the rage — it’s easy to see why! This Living Picture kit by Succulent Gardens comes with the frame and the wall hanger fully constructed, along with all the plants, natural moss and a chopstick — everything they need to plant this wall hanger except the succulent soil! The artistry comes in from the way you choose to plant the succulents together. The quality is so impressive. This is a sure-fire gift for succulent lovers!

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succulent planter kit comes complete with cactus shaped wooden planter and all succulents to fill it

Just one more amazing planter kit. Succulent Gardens has a wide array of really cool planters in many shapes including hearts, triangles, stars, wreaths and more. I just cannot get over the whimsical perfection of this magnificent cactus planter to be filled with colorful succulents. How cool is that? The kit comes complete with the sturdy planter, the moss, chopstick and all the succulents to fill the planter. This is such a fun succulent gift for experienced gardeners and newbies alike.

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Succulent Care Gifts
Hello Succulents fertilizer spray is a great succulent gift

Hello Succulents! is a wonderful succulent fertilizer in spray form, for indoor and outdoor succulents. Just spray the foliage or the soil around the pot. The worm castings tea provides nutrients to make your plants healthier and happier. And the worm castings are rich in chitinase, which wards off pest and insects — a terrific twofer! A succulent gift of healthier, happier succulents.

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indoor grow light is a great gift for succulent lovers

If your home is not blessed with lots of light, this grow light system is fantastic for succulents. It harnesses all the values of led grow lights but balanced to provide enough white light to be easy on the eyes. For an in-depth look at grow lights for succulents, click here. This light panel adjusts in height and can also be hung. The ability to grow healthy succulents indoors is a wonderful gift for succulent lovers on your list.

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Home Accessories for Succulent Gifts
cactus shaped pillow for a succulent gift

This wonderfully winsome, cactus-shaped pillow is a cuddly and charming succulent gift. The iconic saguaro is a clear inspiration, but the material is a soft plush, and the spine details are done only in a contrasting stitch. This is surely the most comfortable cactus pillow you have ever snuggled. Also available in solid green, this cactus pillow is 18″ tall and boho chic.

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beautiful succulent journal makes a great gift

A succulent journal for making note of changes you make to their care, sun exposure, fertilizing, propagation experiments and how they respond to these changes is an essential part of learning. This beautiful canvas journal is handmade in Kenya, then finished in San Jose, California with a laser cut echeveria and two haworthia on the cover. What a great succulent gift. Inside, a diagonal pocket holds your mini tablet. 6.5″ x 8.75″. The pages of this journal are unlined.

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ceramic cup with cactus inside is a fun gift for succulent lovers

When you start your day with a much-needed cuppa, wouldn’t it be fun to have this cheery lil cactus waving to you from the depths of your drink? Creature Cups come in a wide range of creatures in the bottom of the cups, but of course, this is my fave. The sleek, teal blue ceramic cup has a saguaro cactus at the bottom, slowly appearing as you begin to drink. Dishwasher safe, and a crazy cute succulent gift!

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wood bound succulent journal makes a great gift

Making observations of your succulents, keeping notes and reviewing what has worked well and what changes to make is an important part of caring for succulents. The cover of this 5.25″ x 7.25″ succulent journal is made from certified sustainable alder wood, laser cut into the shape of an echeveria. The soft green inner page shows through. The pages are unlined. A gift for succulent lovers they will cherish for years.

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Personal Succulent Accessories
living succulent insode a necklace pendant makes a perfect gift for succulent lovers

What a perfect gift for succulent lovers — a necklace with a living succulent plant! This easy-to-care-for plant in its tiny terrarium lasts for 3 months before outgrowing its home, at which point, you could pot up this cutting and replace it with another. The chain is 27″ long, and the necklace comes with care instruction and a guarantee that the plant arrives healthy.

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sturdy canvas succulent tote makes a great gift!

Any list of gifts for succulent lovers needs a great succulent tote, embellished with glorious color. This sturdy, roomy, canvas tote bag features colorful watercolor succulents front and back. A stylish woman walks away, tossing over her shoulder “Yes, I am addicted to succulents. No, I do not need help!” I can relate! Can you?

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cactus pendant is a beautiful gift for succulent lovers

This pretty cactus pendant is a sweet succulent gift. Here the pendant accent and the chain are silver, but there is a gold option as well. The pendant measures 12 mm x 26 mm, and the chain is 20″ – 22″ with a lobster clasp. The necklace comes with “Advice from a Cactus”: Get plenty of sunshine  *  Accentuate your strong points  *  Be patient through dry spells  *  Conserve your resources  *  Don’t desert your friends  *  Wait for your time to bloom  *  Stay sharp!

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gardening apron makes great succulent gift!

A good gardening apron is a great gift for succulent lovers. You keep your tools handy and your clothes clean. I stash fallen leaves in the pocket, so I can propagate them later. This poly-cotton blend succulent apron has three roomy pockets and is machine washable. The watercolor succulents also have the phrase “Because life is just better with succulents” So true!

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Succulent Books – Great Gifts for Succulent Lovers
Succulents Simplified by Debra Lee Baldwin is a great gift

This is my favorite book for learning about succulents and their care. It is an excellent succulent gift, especially for beginners. Succulents Simplified by Debra Lee Baldwin includes wonderful photographs, and engaging descriptions of her 100 top picks for easy-to-grow succulent varieties, as well as several delightful DIY projects, with great insights into designing with succulents.

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DIY Succulents by Tawni Daigle

DIY Succulents by Tawni Daigle is a gorgeous volume for a coffee table book. It is beautifully illustrated and well written, providing nearly 40 excellent crafts and DIYs for succulent growers. But this book also gives an excellent grounding in the basics of succulent care, propagation techniques, selection for climate and project and much more.

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The Very Best Gifts for Succulent Lovers? Succulents!
euphorbia lactea cristata in a handsome pot is a great gift for succulent lovers

A fabulous gift for succulent lovers is finding a really unusual variety for them to love. This extraordinary Euphorbia lactea cristata certainly qualifies. I particularly appreciate the handsome pairing with this sophisticated ceramic pot. The pot is 4-inches, and the plant will happily grow indoors with a lot of light, or outdoors, protected from cold. Do not give a euphorbia where pets or small children who are inclined to nibble.

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subscribe to succulents of the month club with Leaf & Clay

What better succulent gift than a subscription to a monthly delivery of new plants? The Leaf & Clay Succulents of the Month Club delivers 3 new succulent plants every month. You can review the selections sent for the last 6 months, and see they always provide a beautiful, varied selection. Succulents may be soft or hardy, for indoors or out. They will always be beautiful! You can sign up for a 3-month membership, 6-month or open-ended.

Leaf & Clay Subscription

succulent gift certificate from Mountain Crest Gardens

Mountain Crest Gardens is hands-down my favorite source for succulent plants! Their quality and selection are unmatched. A gift certificate for a shopping spree is an ideal gift for succulents lovers!

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Whether you are shopping for yourself or for gifts for succulent lovers, I hope you found this gift guide helpful. If you have any questions, just let me know. I am happy to help!

Because life is just better with succulents!

Kat McCarthy, The Succulent Eclectic

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21 great gifts for succulent lovers
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