You are currently viewing 12 DIY Christmas Succulent Decorations, Gifts & Ornaments!

12 DIY Christmas Succulent Decorations, Gifts & Ornaments!

Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of the year — and it’s coming up! Even 2020 will have to make room for the warmth and joy of the holiday season. If you enjoy making your own gifts and decor, succulents are the perfect medium! Christmas succulents are just so fun! Use them for a wide range of crafts, from festive succulent decorations to DIY succulent gifts and even a variety of living succulent ornaments for the tree. Then, grow them on in the spring to enjoy them year-round. I made every one of these 12 succulent projects using living plants and cuttings that can be grown on into 2021 and beyond. How cool is that?

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Succulent Decorations

diy succulent advent calendar tree makes wonderful succulent decorations
DIY Advent Calendar Tree
diy succulent branch planters - rustic succulent decorations
DIY Succulent Branch Planters

What better succulent decorations for the holidays could you choose to make than a DIY Advent calendar tree that lets you count down the days ’til Christmas with cheery pails of colorful succulents? I made this from pallet wood, but you could choose to make it from fresh 1×4 lumber instead, if you prefer. 

It’s hard to tell if this should be part of succulent decorations or is it a great idea for making your own succulent gifts! I used pruned and fallen tree branches to create these rustic DIY succulent branch planters. Add a small pine cone or red ribbons for a more Christmassy note. Consider a small bird to perch on the branch!

diy succulent kokedama balls decorations and succulent gifts
DIY Succulent Kokedama Balls
diy burlap wreath with succulents - beautiful succulent decorations
DIY Burlap Wreath w/ Succulents

Succulent kokedama balls make long-lasting planters where the succulents can thrive for years. Visually arresting, a hanging garden of kokedamas makes for stunning succulent decorations. This DIY is much easier to make than it looks, and these make memorable succulent gifts, too!

This heart-shaped DIY burlap wreath with succulents was perfect to celebrate spring! Use a round wreath form and darker green burlap to make it a more Christmassy succulent decoration. In place of pink and yellow Aeonium, choose red and green succulents and add a few pinecones!

DIY Succulent Gifts

diy succulent bouquet in mason jar mugs - succulent gifts
DIY Succulent Bouquet
diy succulent planter with chalkboard heart - succulent gifts
DIY Chalkboard Heart on Wood

I just love these DIY succulent bouquets! Easy to make, but so impressive to give or receive. These terrific succulent gifts are perfect for a hostess gift, a teacher gift or to make anyone feel special. Change up the look by changing the vessel and adding a red ribbon or holly sprig for festive succulent decorations for Christmas.

Reclaimed wood planters are so perfect for succulent gifts! Make it even more special by adding chalkboard paint in a heart shape, or square, rectangle or any look you want. Add a piece of chalk and a personal message for a gift they’ll cherish. Add a couple of jingle bells or pine cones for festive succulent decorations.

diy succulent geode planter - succulent gifts
DIY Geode Planters
DIY Wine Cork Planters

A DIY geode planter for succulents is a stunning gift. Easy to make, these succulent gifts are even more perfect when you coordinate the qualities of the geode to your giftee. Beautiful for a desk, mantle or bookshelf, these planters also make lovely succulent decorations!

These charming little DIY wine cork planters with succulents can be made into refrigerator magnets, stand-alone tiny planters and even succulent ornaments for your Christmas tree! Make and coordinate a trio of these corks for fun succulent gifts for teachers, friends and neighbors.

DIY Succulent Ornaments

DIY succulent wood slice christmas ornaments - succulent ornaments
DIY Wood Slice Ornaments
diy hanging christmas succulent ornaments
DIY Hanging Succulent Ornaments

These fun, DIY wood slice succulent ornaments are easy to make. Start with a branch you cut into slices, or get the wood slices online. Wrap the succulent roots in moss and tie them into place with jute, then hang them on the Christmas tree! They make fun succulent gifts, too.

For sheer, elegant simplicity, these hanging succulent ornaments are a winner! Best with wide, rosette succulents, these ornaments are easy to make. Hang them on the tree, then root them after New Year’s to enjoy in the garden all year long! Just mist with water while they hang on the tree.

diy succulent geode slice christmas ornaments
DIY Geode Slice Ornaments
DIY Christmas Succulent Balls

I think there is something magical about combining geodes with succulents.  These DIY geode slice succulent ornaments are so striking hanging on the Christmas tree! Or hang them from a window frame, where sunlight makes the geodes glow for gorgeous succulent decorations. They also make wonderful succulent gifts!

These DIY Christmas balls with succulents can be hung from the tree as ornaments. Or, glue them to small, hexagonal marble tiles to use them more widely as succulent decorations for the mantle or coffee table. Why not make some to hang and others to stand? These ornaments also make fun succulent gifts!

There you have it – 12 Christmas DIYs so you can create succulent decorations, succulent gifts and even living succulent ornaments for your tree! Will you be working with Christmas succulents for the holidays? I’d love to know! Please take a moment to let me know how you’ll be using succulents to make the season merry and bright!

Stay tuned for a gift guide for the succulent-lovers in your life!

Then, roll up your sleeves and show 2020 there’s no messing with Christmas!

Kat McCarthy, The Succulent Eclectic

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12 DIY Christmas Succulent Decorations, Gifts & Ornaments!
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