The Succulent Eclectic Journey Begins!

The Succulent Eclectic Journey Begins!

Ceramic Boot planted with colorful, mixed succulent plants

If the longest journey begins with a single step, then surely the right shoes are vital! 🙂  Welcome to The Succulent Eclectic – a celebration of all things succulent! Together, we will explore the wild world of succulent plants, how to care for them, simple, stunning DIYs and so much more! Grab your favorite boots – this adventure is on!

Kat McCarthy

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    1. Kat McCarthy

      And boots have always been my fave! 😉

  1. Jean

    Hi Kat,
    What a great website! So happy I found you!
    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary last month!
    I thought I’d binge read your blog posts from the beginning and found this starting point. I really enjoy all your details, pictures, links and conversational style writing.
    Since I haven’t read each article yet, I’m wondering about your thoughts on LED grow light shelf units and if you have one?
    I live in Michigan and sometimes during winter months we don’t see the sun for weeks. Needless to say I’m heading into fall worried about all my newly acquired potted beauties.

    1. Kat McCarthy

      Hi Jean,
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I so appreciate it!
      I have not yet done a post on Grow lights, and I think it is high time that I do. I do use led grow lights, although I think you can get great results with CFL compact fluorescent lights, too. The key is to keep the plants very close to the bulbs – 6-12 inches. This is the led light panel I have for my indoor plant shelf. I also use a reflective heat blanket wrapped around the shelf. It is right beside a window I keep open for my cats. So this blanket keeps the plants warm, and reflect even more light to them.
      Thanks so much for the nudge! I’ll get cranking on the grow light post! 🙂

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